After years of figurative painting, I transitioned to abstract compositions inspired by my love of nature.  My new medium was clay, beeswax, and charcoal.  Small pieces of metal worked their way into this work, gradually growing in proportion over time.  As I was inspired by the earthly and rhythmic qualities of nature, I was also teaching design and color classes.  This renewed my appreciation of form and texture.  Visiting Yosemite for the first time was a turning point: I broke out of the square format, adding a sculptural dimension to my wall pieces as the metal took over.  I find a rugged beauty in metal.  It reminds me of the qualities of mountains and rocks etched with time and rooted in place.  Its unyielding strength becomes an invitation to tussle, to change its form.  Using the strength of my hands and body, a flat sheet morphs into an undulating shape.  Or, as a prospector of the land, I delve into an unassuming surface, and through chemical alterations, bring forth beauty from what was once plain.  Currently I am weaving metals and incorporating electro luminescent wire.
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