I am a metal artist whose primary focus is the transformation of plain metal into something of beauty. This changed surface is called a patina. My final patinas are textural and earthy in color. Colors, such as rich browns, rusts, golds, and blue greens, are what gives life to the abstract forms I have shaped from steel or brass, natural shapes that are undulating, curving, or flowing.
During the creations of my patinas, I become an alchemist, whose purpose is to allow the chemicals do their magic and inform me how to continue. I love the unpredictability and tension of not knowing how the patina will evolve, as each layer is added or subtracted over many days.
I am also a metal weaver, using sheets of patinated metals as my source materials. These weavings, with their geometric patterning, are attached to my wall sculptures, adding a contrast to their sculpted and flowing forms.
I get lost in simple flowing movements, as ocean waves or wind-blown grasses. They become an aspect of nature I channel into my work. My hope is that these creations will emulate the beauty around us, and to encourage looking closely at our natural world with interest and curiosity.
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