Visiting Yosemite for the first time was a turning point: I broke out of the square format, adding a sculptural dimension to my wall pieces as the metal took over.  
I find a rugged beauty in metal. Its unyielding strength becomes an invitation to tussle, to change its form. Using the strength of my hands and body, a flat sheet morphs into an undulating shape. Or, as a prospector of the land, I delve into an unassuming surface, and through chemical alterations, bring forth beauty from what was once plain.

Danoceras, 2019, 26H x 14W x 6D inches, aluminum

Commission, 2019, 22H x 74W x 10D inches, patinated brass

Juno & Psyche, 2019, 51H x 36W x 4D inches, steel/ copper

Elizabeth & Griffin, 2019, 44H x 24W x 4D inches, steel

Curve & Waves & Swirls & Caves
2019, 19x34x10 inches, brass

Oceanic One, 2015, 20H x 20W x 4D inches, brass/ copper​​​​​​​

Oceanic Two, 2015, 27H x 14W x 4D inches, brass/ copper​​​​​​​

Draped, 2014, 30H x 12W x 5D inches, copper/ leather​​​​​​​

Venus, 2015, 43H x 11W x 7D inches, steel/ brass/ aluminum​​​​​​​

Cubwanos, 2008, 41H x 60W x 9D inches, steel/ brass (4 pieces)​​​​​​​

Saturn, 2015, 25H x 16W x 9D inches, steel/ copper​​​​​​​

Titian A, 2008, 21H x 27W x 8D inches, steel​​​​​​​

Taygete, 2008, 30H x 17W x 10D inches, steel/ copper

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