Visiting Yosemite for the first time was a turning point: I broke out of the square format, adding a sculptural dimension to my wall pieces as the metal took over.  
I find a rugged beauty in metal. Its unyielding strength becomes an invitation to tussle, to change its form. Using the strength of my hands and body, a flat sheet morphs into an undulating shape. Or, as a prospector of the land, I delve into an unassuming surface, and through chemical alterations, bring forth beauty from what was once plain.

Every Which Way

2021, 36x26x7 inches, patinated brass


2022, 49x42x9 inches, patinated brass

Curve & Waves & Swirls & Caves
2021, 19x34x10 inches, patinated brass


2018, 23x 11x 6 inches, patinated aluminum/ vinyl tubing


2017, 30x 22x 5 inches, patinated aluminum/ copper​​​​​​​


2017, 32x 15x 7 inches, patinated brass/ copper

left to right:

Teuthalopod 2017  17x10x5 inches, brass/stee/lights

Discalopod 2017  18x6x3 inches, steel/cat fur  

Actinalopod 2017  26x6x2 inches copper/steel

Septolopod 2017  30x7x3 inches brass/steel lights

Oceanic One

2015, 20x 20x4 inches, patinated brass/ copper​​​​​​​

Oceanic Two 

2015, 27x 14x 4 inches, patinated brass/ copper​​​​​​​


2015, 25x 16x 9 inches, patinated steel/ copper​​​​​​​


2015, 43x 11x7 inches, steel/ brass/ aluminum​​​​​​​

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