My subject consists of cephalopods and mollusks, which are ancient marine invertebrates with rudimentary and embryonic shapes.   I have re-envisioned them using metal, to emphasize the life-changing qualities acidification has on living beings.  Unable to absorb nutrients, these new creature’s once soft and pliable exoskeletons are now hard and angular.   A combination of acids and patinas were used to etch an otherworldliness to their hardened skins.  Lastly, the addition of other materials such as plastics (ubiquitous to their environment), LED lights and EL Wire, add beauty to these sculptural forms.

Capepod, 2018, 23H x 11W x 6D inches, aluminum/ vinyl tubing

Isopod, 2018, 24H x 14W x 6D inches, aluminum/ vinyl tubing​​​​​​​

Amphipod, 2018, 28H x 16W x 7D inches, aluminum/ vinyl tubing

Octolopod, 2017, 8H x22W x 6D inches, brass-coated steel/copper/ EL wire

Cenalopod, 2017, 32H x 15W x 7D inches, brass/ copper ​​​​​​​

Tarpalopod, 2017, 30H x 22W x 5D inches, aluminum/ copper​​​​​​​

Lithalopod, 2017, 37H x 15W x 3D inches, aluminum/ copper​​​​​​​

Septolopod, 2017, 38H x 7W x 3D, inches, brass / stee/ El wire​​​​​​​

Actinalopod, 2017, 26H x 6W x 2D inches, copper/ steel

Discalopod, 2017, 18H x 6W x 3D inches, steel/ cat fur

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